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    Inver Facts & Figures

Inver Facts & Figures

We sold 769 million litres during 2015, an increase of over 6% from 2014. Sales growth was driven by an expanding retail network in Ireland and new distribution customers in the UK.

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Increase in Inver’s sales volumes since 2012.



Litres of fuel sold per day on average in 2015.

Sales volumes (million litres)

Turnover in 2014 (last audited accounts) was €594 million, down 2% from previous year due to declinging oil prices. EBITDA in 2014 was € 5.6 million continuing a stable trend over the past few years.


Inver Energy's Turnover for 2013, 2014 and 2015

Operating Profit

Inver Energy Operating Profit

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