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Better Prices

Our 74 million litre terminal in Cardiff is one of the largest oil terminals and a major multi-product regional oil hub for South Wales and the West of England. Economies of scale and low overheads enable Inver to keep it’s product costs low and offer better prices to its customers.


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Sales Advantage

Local expert sales and support teams in Ireland and the UK

Pricing Options

We offer a wide a range of pricing options to our customers.
These include:

  • Daily Pricing
  • Average Period Formula Pricing
  • Fixed Price order Pricing
  • Spot Live Pricing
  • Multi-currency Pricing
Inver's state of the art fuel terminal in Foynes

Our fixed price order and spot live pricing offer customers the ability to fix a price and take delivery at a later date.

Price Updates

We make sure our customers receive pricing
updates when and how they need them by:

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Choosing the Best Pricing Option

Our experienced sales team will help you choose the best pricing option to give your business a competitive edge. Our risk management team can develop bespoke pricing options for our customers.

Inver's Dafyyd Nicholas

Dafydd Nicholas

Commercial Sales Representative

+44(0)75 0055 8272

Inver's Anthony Drake

Anthony Drake

Commercial Sales Representative

+44(0)77 4702 3863

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