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Inver wins Fuel Oil News Tanker of the year 2015.

Inver’s Winning tanker – improve costs and reduces our carbon footprint.
Tony Wilson, Inver Energy’s commercial director was delighted to learn that the Inver Tanker on the front cover of Fuel Oil News magazine had taken the Fuel Oil News 2015 tanker of the year title.

Inver’s new bespoke tanker is almost two tonnes lighter than the one it replaced increasing the carrying capacity by 2,000 litres and significantly improving our transport costs”,said Tony

“The fuel savings that this lighter tanker achieves on the return journey to our terminal is a considerable benefit that’s often overlooked. With its bespoke modifications and reduction in fuel consumption, this tanker helps reduce our daily carbon footprint and allows us to make a more competitive offering to our customers.” Working exclusively on the Inver Energy haulage contract from Cardiff, the tanker, which was manufactured by Williams Tanker Services,(WTS) is operated by Turners Transport. “Our clients continue to benefit from the ongoing partnership between Turners and Williams/LAG,” said Turner’s fuel supply solutions manager Paul Preston. “The acquisition of this new LAG bespoke Inver trailer for the Inver Energy UK contract demonstrates how utilizing leading equipment can benefit our clients.”

“The LAG fuel oil tanker is of a class leading technical design with low weight/strength ratio, unrivaled discharge ratio against product retention, coupled with excellent reliability, low whole life cost and high residual value,” said WTS managing director, Bruce Williams.